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Your new golf family

We are a golf family that unites friends of golf whose home course is Rae Golf Course and who are actively taking part in the events and competitions organised by the club. We share a positive attitude and a love for sports: we love playing golf together and engage in other fun activities.
As a member of Rae Golf club, you will::

  • be a part of an active and united golf family
  • get your HCP record
  • get member discounts at Rae Golf 
  • get golf insurance
  • have the opportunity to participate in club events and championships 
  • have the right to use the club’s Golfbox
  • have a chance to be elected to the Board of the club, to participate in club committees and in organising tournaments
  • get a gift when you hit a hole-in-one 

      Joining Rae Golf Club is open to all players, who:

      • recognise the Articles of Association of the club
      • have passed the basic training and have a Green Card
      • respect and follow the fair play principles and the international golf rules by R&A Rules Ltd and USGA, Rae Golf and the Rae Golf Club Code of Conduct 
      • pay membership fees approved by the Board of the club or by the meeting of the Representative
        • Club member discounts at Rae Golf

          • Discounts at Rae Golf. See the price list HERE
          • —5% discount at Rae Golf restaurant
          • —5% discount at Pro shop
          • A member of Rae Golf Club has Green Fee discounts at White Beach Golf
          Clubs 2024. season membership fee: 

          • Adults –
          • Juniors –  € (born 01.01.2003 ja younger)
          • Youth – Free (born 01.01.2012 ja younger)

          Payment of membership fee:

          Payment link

          • Adults
          • Juniors


          • Adults

          Forward the purchased ticket number to the club email klubi@raegolf.ee, so we can link it to your membership. The subject of the email should be „Stebby payment

          After completing the Green Card course organized by Rae Golf and to make it easier for you to stay with golf and become friends with golf, Rae Golf Club offers you the opportunity to become a Candidate Member of Rae Golf Club. The status of candidate member is valid from the submission of the application until March 31 of the following calendar year.

          Who is a candidate member of the club?

          A player who, after the Green Card course, is not yet sure whether he wants to stay with golf or not;
          A player who has completed a Green Card course at Rae Golf and who has not previously been a club member or candidate member of any golf club.
          What does the status of Candidate member give?

          Access to Golfbox, where you can reserve tee times and register for competitions;
          Liability insurance issued by the Estonian Golf Association applies to the candidate member;
          Rae Golf Club ensures that the Candidate Member maintains HCPI.
          How does a Candidate Member differ from a Club Member?

          A candidate member does not have to pay a club membership fee;
          A Candidate Member may play golf anywhere, but may only compete in events held at Rae Golf.
          In order to become a candidate member, a candidate member application must be submitted to the club board. To join, we ask you to fill out the club member’s application at the link below and send the completed and digitally signed form to raegolfiklubi@gmail.com or send the signed paper form to Rae Golf’s Caddiemaster.

          In order for you to join our lovely and united golf family, we ask you to fill out the club member application at the link below or download the application HERE and send the completed and digitally signed form to raegolfiklubi@gmail.com or deliver the signed paper copy to Rae Golf’s Caddiemaster. Club membership comes into force after receipt of the season’s membership fee established by the Club’s board.

          In case of additional questions, our Caddiemaster will assist you daily +372 524 7700 or info@raegolf.ee

          Board members

          • Andres Kivivare– club’s president
          • Tõnis Nõmmik – club’s secretary
          • Anne Nõmmik
          • Indrek Kuivallik
          • Norman Veskimeister
          • Anti Metsamaa
          • Getter Saaroja
          • Kaire Kastor
          • Sergei Jefimov

          • Martin Järve – men’s captain, kapten@raegolf.ee
          • Kadri Veskimeister – ladies’s captain, kapten@raegolf.ee

          Captains maintain the spirit of the club, monitor compliance with international and local golf rules, keep the club’s season standings, name the club’s representative teams and gather feedback from the players about the club’s work and the condition of the course.

          • Lembit Sammel – head of the committee
          • Tõnis Nõmmik
          • Andres Kivivare
          • Peep Põldsam;
          • Jüri Kalda

          The task of the committee is to ensure that Rae Golf practices golf and organizes golf competitions in accordance with the international rules of golf established by The R&A Rules Ltd and the USGA, and keeping records of the HCP of club members in accordance with the WHS handicap system. Rules and HCP (RHCP) Committee:

          • organizes HCP record keeping;
          • establishes Rae Golf’s local rules and oversees Rae’s golf course signage;
          • introduces the rules of golf to club members and conducts rules training.

          Rules and HCP Committee Email raerhcp@gmail.com

          • Kadri Veskimeister;
          • Veiko Vill;
          • Jevgeni Levin;
          • President of the club;
          • Rules and HCP panel representative.

          The function of the committee is to organize the club’s annual HCP track and field championships and stroke play championships.

          • Tiit Rääk – head of the committee

          The task of the committee is to organize events and competitions of a sufficiently good level for the club’s seniors both during the season and outside of the season. To this end, the senior committee organizes competitions and friendly matches with other clubs, prepares a senior team if necessary and collects feedback and suggestions from the club’s seniors about the condition of the field and the club’s activities.

          The Rae Golf Academy is young and rapidly developing, which focuses primarily on contributing to the development of young people. In the last two seasons, the number of young people training at Rae Academy has increased many times. The Rae Golf Academy is heavily involved in the popularization of golf in Estonia.

          Rae Golf Academy coaches want to take young people even faster higher and further and closer to their goals. You can help us! By supporting young people, you give an opportunity to take an Estonian on the PGA tour.

          To make a donation, click on the green button below or make a transfer to MTÜ Rae Golfiklubi.

          Recipient: MTÜ Rae Golfiklubi
          Invoice: EE617700771002641152
          Explanation of payment: Donation to the Rae Golf Club Youth Fund


          Klubi esindusvõistkond 2022. aasta Eesti Klubidevahelistel Meistrivõistlustel


          Martin Järve
          Veiko Vill
          Kristo Tullus
          Tarmo Kivi
          Jvgeni Levin
          Tõnis Karl Kivivare

          NAISED III koht

          Annabel Kadak
          Iiris Mätas
          Getter Saaroja
          Triin Marleen Ustal


          Andres Esko
          Veiko Haller
          Peeter Esko
          Indrek Kuivallik

          NAISSEENIORID III koht

          Jana Raudvere
          Siiri Haller
          Viivika Nõmberg
          Sirje Eichelmann


          Parimatest ka pildid:

          Club’s best of the season

          YearWomenMid-WomenMenMid-MenFemale seniorsMale seniorsGirlsBoys
          2022Triin Marleen UstalGetter SaarojaVeiko VillMartin JärveViivika NõmbergAndres EskoIiris MätasTõnis Karl Kivivare
          2021Triin Marleen UstalAnne NõmmikJoonas Juan TurbaKristo TullusSirje EichelmannVeljo HaubeIiris MätasNils Illimar Esko
          2020Getter SaarojaAnne NõmmikRichard TederJanno SildViivika NõmbergIndrek KuivallikTriin Marleen UstalRalf Johan Kivi
          2019Siiri HallerAnne NõmmikKristo TullusJanno SildSirje EichelmannRein SarapikIiris Mätas

          Club’s stroke play winners

          YearMenWomenMale seniorsFemale seniorsMale seniors 60+Female seniors 60+
          2022Veiko VillAnnabel KadakIndrek KuivallikSiiri HallerMaido PajoSirje Eichelmann
          2021Joonas Juan TurbaTriin Marleen UstalAndres EskoSiiri HallerVeljo HaubeSirje Eichelmann
          2020Richard TederTriin Marleen UstalAndres EskoJana RaudverePekka Bergqvist
          2019Kristo TullusSiiri HallerRein SarapikSirje EichelmannPekka Bergqvist
          2018Kristo TullusSiiri HallerIndrek KuivallikSirje EichelmannArvo Närep
          2017Andri LaineSiiri HallerRein SarapikSirje Eichelmann
          2016Janno SildSiiri HallerIndrek KuivallikSirje Eichelmann

          Club’s HCP Match play winners

          2022Enar Oidermaa
          2021Kaire KastorAleksandr Maksimov
          2020Viivika NõmbergTimo Olesk
          2019Kai RegiJanno Sild
          2018Siiri HallerJanno Sild
          2017Siiri HallerJanno Sild
          2016Siiri HallerJanno Sild

          Klubi rajamängu meistrid

          2022Iiris Mätas
          2021Taavi Viirpalu

          Klubi Foursomes HCP rajamängu meistrid

          2022Veiko Vill / Andres Mellik