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To the Board of MTÜ Rae Golfiklubi


By submitting this application, I agree to the processing of personal data.

Please accept me as a member of the MTÜ Rae Golfiklubi. I hereby confirm:

  • I am interested in achieving the objectives of the Rae Golfiklubi (hereinafter the Club);
  • I acknowledge the provisions of the Club’s Articles of Association, the House Rules of Rae Golf and the Club, and other rules and regulations set by the Club, as well as the Rules of Golf set by The R&A Rules Ltd. and USGA, the Hard Card established by the Estonian Golf Association, and the principles of fair play; 
  • I shall make payments in accordance with the Club’s Articles of Association and the procedures established by the competent body of the Club.

Club membership becomes effective upon receipt of the seasonal membership fee set by the Club’s management board.

Membership fee payment:
Recipient: MTÜ Rae Golfiklubi
Account number: EE937700771001971470
Payment reference: Name of the member for whom the membership fee is being paid

Payment link
Adults – 110 €
Juniors – 15 €

Adults – 110 €
Forward the purchased ticket number to the club email klubi@raegolf.ee, so we can link it to your membership. The subject of the email should be „Stebby payment

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