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Rae Golf Academy

Rae Golf Academy has 10 professional instructors whose goal it is to make golf the most popular sport in Estonia. The Golf Academy offers group and private training for both young golfers and adults, for beginners and more advanced players. Every coach has their principles and style, but together they form a team that enables players to develop through the years.
All training sessions are built around joy, safety and child development. We create a stable foundation for the golfer’s future. Young people develop from a complete newcomer to a top golfer according to the Academy’s STAR development program. Daniel, Egert, Carlos, Getter, Triin, Marko and Taavi work as youth coaches at the Rae Golf Academy, who work daily for the development of youth golf.

All young people aged 4-18 are welcome to golf training, regardless of previous contact with golf, because the training groups are formed according to levels. A young person does not need his golf equipment to come to practice and participate in practice. The use of the equipment is included in the monthly training fee.

The monthly fee for participating in training once a week is €55 / €70
The monthly fee for participating in training twice a week is €80 / €120
*The first price applies to the U6 age group and differs due to the length of training.

Young people who participate in training 2x a week can use unlimited strict balls for personal practice, Rae’s right to play and PGA Pro private training at the price of €30 per hour

Club membership

Juniors – 15€ (born on 01.01.2002 and younger)
Young people – Free (born on 01.01.2011 and younger)

Self-development – golf is a game that puts the player in a continuous development situation. Players constantly analyse their success and mistakes to improve their game. You will learn how to analyse yourself and your actions and ask for help and advice from professionals. In addition to this, you will learn to accept and bear criticism.

Etiquette and values – golf is a game with a long history of tradition that dates back several centuries. Playing golf teaches kind and respectful behaviour towards yourself and others.

Spending time outdoors – being outdoors and active from early spring until autumn helps you stay healthy. You will develop a healthy habit that is much better for your body and mind than playing computer games or watching TV.

Quality time with family – golf can keep your family busy for hours. Golf is a good chance for parents to spend time with their children and give them positive feedback and encouragement.

Fun – in today’s world of technology, children are pressured to grow up too fast. Meeting friends face to face has become rare but golf offers an excellent possibility to spend quality time with good company.

Health – golf offers an active lifestyle while being a sport with a low injury rate. Golf develops internal muscles that support your spine, helps improve flexibility and gives you a chance to be active and healthy.

Golf gear – all the necessary equipment will be provided by the club for free for young golfers.

Unlimited golf every day – students of Rae Golf Academy, up to 18 years old, can play and practice unlimited golf at the club for the whole summer.

Rae Golf Academy offers versatile training for golfers of all levels. From comprehensive beginner courses that teach the basics and technique of the golf game, to specialized training for advanced players to help hone skills and strategy on the golf course. Our goal is not only to help you achieve your golfing goals, but also to create a fun and motivating atmosphere where you can enjoy the game of golf with other enthusiastic golfers.

Adult training

€30 – 1 time a week

100€ per month – train as much as You like

Club membership

Adults €110

Beginners: All new golfers who have recently completed the green card course are welcome to join the beginners group. In the training group, all the ABCs of golf learned in the initial course are reviewed. Hold, starting position, technique of different golf shots.

HCP 36-54 Group: This training group is for those who already have some experience in the game of golf, but want to further develop their skills and raise the level of their game. In group training, different golf shots are learned such as: putting, chipping, iron shot, drive and bunker.

HCP 18-36 group: The training group already offers more individualized and specialized instruction that focuses on the specific needs and goals of the players. Our experienced coaches tailor training to each player’s level and development needs, offering a versatile approach that includes stroke technique, close game, putting and game strategy.

HCP 0-18 ggroup:  This group offers a training opportunity for all elite golfers who want to improve their golf game and who are looking for continuous self-development and top-level coaching. The training group covers all aspects important to achieving a top golf game, including stroke technique, close game, putting, strategy and mental preparation. Together, they learn to solve various game situations that may arise on the field.

To join group training, fill out the form for joining the academy and choose the training group that suits you.

It is possible to participate in the trainings with a regular pass or a monthly pass.

For a monthly fee, you can participate in as many group training sessions as you wish.

For more information, contact the head of the academy, Priit Jalasto.


+372 55512626

Private and group training, beginners and advanced

Daniel is a member of the PGA of Portugal and has been playing golf all his life. As a player, he has represented the Portuguese national team. During his coaching career, he has collaborated with several top world coaches such as Claude Harmon II, David Leadbetter, etc.

In addition, he has participated as Kim Koivu’s caddy on the European Challenge tour and has been the instructor and caddy for Sanna Nuutinen, a player on the women’s European tour.

Thanks to his vast experience, Daniel is a great coach to turn to if you want to take your golf game to the next level.

+358 406207972


Private and group training, beginners and advanced

Priit started playing golf 17 years ago and has been working as a golf coach for 10 years. He received his PGA Pro education in the Finnish PGA at Vierumäki Sports University. During his coaching career, Priit has worked on all the biggest golf courses in Estonia, conducting youth training, green card courses, private and group training. In addition, Priit has participated in seminars of various world’s top trainers both in Estonia and abroad. Priidu’s knowledge of golf technique will help you fly your golf ball further, more accurately and more stably. Priidu can also be addressed with all questions regarding golf equipment.

+372 5551 2626

Children’s instructor

Private and group training for beginners and advanced players 

Carlos has been playing golf for 8 years. Next to fitting and training adults, he also trains children and young golfers. As Carlos has a playful approach to training, he even sort of has his own fan club. In 2020, Carlos is in the process of acquiring the EQF level 3 coaching certificate.

+372 5380 6390

Children’s coach
Private and group training, beginners and advanced

Taavi started playing golf in 2010. Taavi has been an instructor at Rae Golf since 2021. In the same year, he also acquired EKR level 3 coaching papers. When teaching golf, he considers it important that the training sessions are conducted in a fun and positive atmosphere. Trainees should feel comfortable during training and dare to ask questions and discuss with the trainer. Learning golf should be easy and understandable for everyone.

+372 5560 3696

Children’s coach / Supervisor

Triin Marleen is the Rae Golf women’s champion in both 2020 and 2021 and a member of the Estonian golf team. During his more than ten years of playing golf, he has achieved a lot, but he considers the third place in the Estonian Championship in 2019 the most important.
When doing coaching, Triin Marleen relies on her experience of more than ten years of golf games. Takes the best tips and advice from all his coaches and passes them on to his students. In 2021, he acquired the EOK level 3 coaching papers, and in 2022 he has acquired the EOK level 4 coaching certificate. In addition, the Golf Leader 1 and Golf Leader 2 training programs in the Swedish PGA system have been completed.

+372 5551 2736

Trainer / Instructor

Marti started playing golf in 2013. For many years, Marti worked actively as a mentor at Rae Golf Club. Since 2022, he has been lucky enough to have green training groups aimed at beginner golfers. As a young coach, Marti finds that the first big developments often take place by changing very small details, both technically and tactically. In the spring of 2023, Marti acquired EOK level 4 junior coach papers, and has completed the Golf Leader 1 and Golf Leader 2 training plans in the Swedish PGA system.

+372 5567 8989

Children’s coach
Private and group training, beginners and advanced

Taavi started playing golf in 2010. Taavi has been an instructor at Rae Golf since 2021. In the same year, he also acquired EKR level 3 coaching papers. When teaching golf, he considers it important that the training sessions are conducted in a fun and positive atmosphere. Trainees should feel comfortable during training and dare to ask questions and discuss with the trainer. Learning golf should be easy and understandable for everyone.

+372 5560 3696

Children’s training U6 and U8 groups / Adult training / Beginners, HCP 36-54 / Greencards / Golf demos / Private training

Getter started playing golf in 2006 when his aunt took him to golf practice for the first time. A few years later, he already had the opportunity to start training as a candidate for the Estonian golf team. Getter started working as a golf coach in 2022 at Rae Golf. From there, his interest as a coach has grown and today he has acquired the EOK EKR coaching level 4 and completed the Golf Leader training program organized by the Swedish PGA system.
Getter’s great wish is for people to see and feel how many different positive aspects the game of golf brings. On the one hand, it is a sport, but on the other hand, it is an ideal way to spend free time and gain steps without being noticed. In a healthy body lies a healthy spirit!
When teaching golf, Getter considers it important to create a positive atmosphere, a relaxed communication style, humor, making connections and making sense of things. Golf is an individual sport that depends on each person himself – how he contributes and develops himself.


Rae’s youth team training and private training

Egert is an individual and team 6-time Estonian champion in golf and has won a medal in Estonian championships more than 20 times. Egert has been working as a coach for over 10 years, including coaching the Estonian men’s team. Egert has a higher education in golf from England. He also has a degree in psychology from the University of Tartu and has also studied psychotherapy.
His training is mainly focused on game strategy, competition preparation, training planning, psychology, close game and putting. In addition, Egert is a SAM PuttLab Level 3 certified coach.

+372 525 6529

Instructor / children’s coach

Marko’s first contact with golf dates back to 2008, when he lived next to a golf course in the USA and made his first shots there. He started playing regularly in 2013, and since then his interest in golf has only increased. In the last four years, Marko has conducted various demo days and golf introduction events at Rae Golf. In addition, starting in 2021, he will be guiding beginner, adult, and children’s training. Marko holds EOK EKR coaching level 4 papers and has completed the Golf Leader 1 and 2 training programs of the Swedish PGA system. As a coach, Marko appreciates the most that, along with the development of golfing skills and physique, he can also contribute the ethical values ​​necessary for life, which golf teaches as a field.

+372 5911 8398


We are glad that you are interested in golf training. Children’s coaches are responsible for combining the training groups. To find the most suitable training group for your offspring, we need to know their age and whether they have had any prior experience with golf. We’re also accepting children with no prior experience – we will find a suitable group for everyone. Please send the information to our Caddie master at info@raegolf.ee or call us +372 5247700.
When you have done the initial registration and found a suitable group for your child, you can register for individual training sessions through our self-service booking system HERE. If you have any further questions, our Caddie Master will gladly assist you at info@raegolf.ee or +372 5247700.
You’ll get invoices at the beginning of every month for the training issued by Rae Golf. Fees for children’s training shall not be paid to the instructor.
Yes, the instructors of Rae Golf also conduct children’s training throughout the winter season.
For additional information, please contact our Caddie Master at info@raegolf.ee or +372 5247700. You can also contact your child’s instructor directly.