Teie veebilehitseja on aegunud. Kiiremaks ja turvalisemaks lehe sirvimiseks laadige alla uus veebilehitseja siit.

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Liitu uudiskirjaga ja ole kursis Eesti golfimaailmaga!

Relax after a long day outdoors!

A hot sauna after a long day golfing is the best treatment. At our Clubhouse, you can enjoy a hot electric sauna or an authentic smoke sauna. Come and see for yourself!

Electric sauna

Going into a hot electric sauna is a special treat after an intensive day of training. It is said that there is no better experience than having a sauna after playing golf. Come and see for yourself!
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Electric sauna Electric sauna

Smoke sauna

There are not many authentic smoke saunas left in the northern part of Estonia. However, our Clubhouse has one. Come and enjoy the unique experience with your friends, colleagues or family. As the heating process of a traditional smoke sauna is a special and time-consuming art, please book the sauna one day before your arrival.
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Smoke sauna Smoke sauna


As the sauna is located next to a pond, you can also enjoy a refreshing swim. From the Sauna house terrace, you can enjoy the sounds of nature and see golfers play.
Swimming Swimming