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Driving range

Rae golf’s new range was opened in 2020. The range is spacious, with a beautiful view and several bunkers and target greens. Such purposeful targeting motivates the golfer to practice longer, which contributes to the improvement of results. Rae Golf’s driving range uses a 200-meter-long artificial grass tee instead of the usual small range mats, 50 meters of which is under a lighted canopy to allow practice both in the dark and in rainy weather. On the target greens, we use high quality artificial grass, on which the ball behaves in the same way as when playing on real greens.

Driving Range balls

Driving Range balls 25 pcs club member
Driving Range balls 25 pcs
Driving Range balls 500 pcs club member
Driving Range balls 500 pcs
Driving Range balls 1000 pcs club member
Driving Range balls 1000 pcs
Driving Range balls 5000 pcs club member